Classic Marbled Alpaca Fur Teddy


Classic Marbled Alpaca Fur Teddy – Average height 27cm

This beautiful cuddly teddy is made from 100% natural and ethically-sourced alpaca fur, which is incredibly soft – our customers tell us it’s like touching a cloud! Plus, there is no lanolin in alpaca fur so it’s hypoallergenic.


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This teddy has a pretty marbled effect as we use ethically-sourced alpaca fur and work with its natural colour – no dye or bleaching involved! This teddy is made with both natural which and champagne-coloured fur, and each one with have a slightly different pattern depending on the fur used, so your teddy will be completely unique!

Alpaca for us incredibly soft, fluffy, and cuddle – our customers tell us it’s like touching a cloud!

Our teddies are all individually handmade by artisan makers in Peru, so yours will be specially created just for you. These techniques have been passed down through the generations to create a luxurious and super cute fluffy companion! There is slight variation as they are all handmade, but this teddy will be beautiful marbled champagne and white colour – a completely natural and undyed shade.

Our alpaca fur teddy bears are EN71 toys safety directive certified and are purely natural colours: no dying, no bleaching. Alpaca fur is lanolin-free so our teddies are hypoallergenic.


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