Baby Alpaca Fur Collectable – Champagne


Baby Alpaca Fur Toy – Champagne – Average height 26cm

We have connections with talented Peruvian artisans who make each of our toys by hand, so yours is made especially for you! Since they are handmade there can be a slight variation.


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Our line of cute alpaca toys are made from natural and ethically-sourced alpaca fur from Peru. Alpaca fur is an ideal material for soft toys since the fur is a hollow fibre, so it’s super cosy and warm yet lightweight. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy – our customers tell us it’s like touching a cloud!

They have soft fluffy bodies with little ears and felted feet. We don’t use any dyes or bleach on the fur, as we prefer to work with the natural colour of the alpaca. Because of this, there may be variations in the exact shade, but this baby alpaca is a lovely champagne colour.

Our alpaca toys are purely natural colours: no dying, no bleaching. Alpaca fur is lanolin-free so our alpacas are hypoallergenic.


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